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There is an up to date list of possible racing events on the school website.  Below is a list of upcoming races. It is subject to change based on squad availability and rowing conditions.

Head Races

7.10.17 Reading SBH (Small Boats Head)

21.10.17 Weybridge Silver Sculls

4.11.17 Kingston SBH

5.11.17 Docks Small Boats Head

11.11.17 Pangbourne Junior Sculls

12.11.17 Fours Head (Tideway)

18.11.17 Teddington Head

19.11.17 Star Club Head, Bedford

25.11.17 Hampton SBH

26.11.17 Wallingford 4s and 8s Head

2.11.17 Burway SBH

2.12.17 Wycliffe SBH

9.12.17 Walton SBH

Half term training for Seniors 16-20 October 0800-1230

Christmas training for J15 and Seniors 16-20 December 0800-1230